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Oil & Gas Attorney Serving
Colorado City, TX, Sweetwater, TX & Snyder, TX

The oil and gas industry is prevalent in our local economy and will likely remain a force as untapped reserves are discovered and innovative drilling techniques are developed. Our firm has represented mineral owners throughout the area, from lease negotiations to litigation, and we understand the complexities that arise when dealing with oil companies.

We know that oil and gas companies are not looking out for the mineral owners’ interests. Our attorneys at Chris Hartman Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are treated fairly by oil and gas companies and that your interests are represented.

If you have been contacted about leasing your interest, an easement, or feel that you are not being treated fairly under an existing lease or contract, please contact our office to discuss your case and schedule a free consultation with our attorneys.


See below for some of the oil & gas legal services services we offer to the Colorado City, Snyder, and Sweetwater, TX areas:
Family Law Attorney Colorado City, TX
  • Crop Loss
  • Division Orders
  • Duty to Develop
  • Duty to Market
  • Duty to Protect Against Drainage
  • Mineral Leases
  • Pipeline Easements
  • Pooling and Unitization
  • Royalties
  • Surface Damages
  • Surface Leases
  • Title Issues
  • Underpayment of Royalties
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